Lenovo announced the first ThinkPad X1 Fold flexible laptop and weighs a little more than 900 g for $ 2,499

In May of last 2019, Lenovo showed a prototype of the first Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold folding laptop . Now, for the CES exhibition, the company introduced a ready-made device. What it is Instead of the usual display and keyboard, [...]

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Xiaomi began to prepare for the worst and after introduction of US sanctions Xiaomi has a backup plan

Recently, we wrote about “ Plan B, ” which Huawei implements after the introduction of US sanctions. But it seems that not only Huawei, but also other Chinese companies began to prepare for the worst . What is Xiaomi Another [...]

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OnePlus is going to release 8 Lite on live photos with a three main camera which disposed vertically

In this year OnePlus release just three models of the flagship of the family: to the normal 8 and OnePlus OnePlus 8 Pro will join the younger OnePlus 8 Lite . Previously, insiders have already published renders of the smartphone, [...]

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HP Elite Dragonfly – The World’s First 5G Transformer Notebook with Built-in Tile Tracker

On the eve of the opening of the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, HP introduced the updated Elite Dragonfly. The most of the most This is a laptop-transformer , the cover of which rotates around its axis. It seems that [...]

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Samsung is going to represent the mysterious Neon project turned out to be an “artificial man”

We recently wrote that Samsung will present a new Neon project related to artificial intelligence at CES 2020 . Now it has become known what this mysterious project is like. What is it As it turned out, Samsung decided to [...]

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LG G9 first flagship renderings: will receive a four modules camera, a large screen and a hidden fingerprint scanner

In February last year at the exhibition MWC 2019, LG introduced the LG flagship G8 ThinQ and its improved version of LG G8s thinQ . Now it's time for the LG G9. Today, CashKaro published the first flagship renderings based [...]

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Huawei opened the first “smart” retail store at the International Center, there is not a single person

Huawei has opened at the International Center for the new development of Wuhan Optics Valley in China, its first " smart " retail store. What it is This is a small cylindrical store with bulletproof glass, where there is not [...]

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Samsung announced the presentation date of the new smartphones Galaxy S20 and “clamshell” Galaxy Fold 2

In February, a large presentation of Samsung's new products is expected: first of all, the flagship Galaxy S20 (or Galaxy S11) and the new folding Galaxy Fold 2 . According to rumors, the event should pass 11 or 18 of [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro will introduce at the same time at the MWC 2020 exhibition

Xiaomi is already preparing its new flagship Mi 10. Recently, one of the leaders confirmed that there will be two models in the lineup: Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. And the closer the official announcement is , the more [...]

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Samsung confirmed the presentation date of the new devices that will be on February 11 in San Francisco

Yesterday, Samsung Korea division accidentally published a teaser in Vimeo with the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 date. It was immediately deleted, but several attentive users managed to save the video. Now Samsung has officially confirmed the presentation date. When? On the [...]

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